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Behind the Wheel Lesson

We offer 6 hours behind-the-wheel lessons with a patient and highly trained instructor. You will drive from residential areas, to freeway, to heavy traffic zones in order to challenge and to maximize your awareness and confidence behind-the-wheel. Each lesson are 2 hours of defensive and advanced driving skills. GNC is fully insured and bonded, with vehicles inspected and approved by DMV. Call our office to schedule your behind the wheel lessons.

Written Test Lessons

Written test classes are offered in English and Spanish. We teach all ages, from beginners to advanced. Our instructor are extensively trained both in the classroom and on the road. Classes run regularly for 4 consecutive saturdays, from 8am to 2pm.There are week long classes for Summer, Spring Break, and Winter Break. Please see our schedule for more information.

For Teens

GNC Driving School offers the 6 hours behind-the-training to under 18’s who have completed Driver’s Education. The course is divided into 3 days, at 2 hours per day and it includes the free Pick –up and drop off.

In order for you to get a Learner’s Permit if you are under 17 and a half, you must first go to the DMV, present your certificate of Driver's Education and pass a written exam. Keep your certificates safe. There is a $25 administration fee to issue a duplicate certificate if You happen to lose or misplace your original one.

When you come to GNC Driving School, you’re helping make the roads of tomorrow safer.

Teen’s procedure to get a driver’s license.
1. Complete Driver’s Education
2. Obtain a learner’s permit from DMV after passing a written exam
3. Enroll for 6 hours with professional driving school to obtain a certificate of completion
4. Practice driving with parent/guardian for 50 hours
5. Take driving test after 6 months of having your permit

Why Choose us

We have been training drivers of all ages for more than 10 years, and over thousands of safe stuent drivers have graduated. GNC Driving School understands that, due to increasing traffic, we need to improve standard of driving on our roads and one of the most important factors in doing so is "DRIVER EDUCATION".


We are a DMV licensed school that is dedicated to each & every one of our students

All Inclusive Pricing

GNC Driving School offer easy, fast, and affordable defensive driving courses in CA.


We offer the most flexible schedule options for your convenience in this important process.


We have certified supervising instructors who are qualified to train future proffessional drivers.
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